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Monkey Shoulder 100cl

Monkey Shoulder 100cl


  • Category: Whisky
  • Sub Category: Single Malt Whisky

Unit Price: 3500.00

Product Description

Monkey Shoulder is the world’s first triple malt whisky. Unlike other scotches, Monkey Shoulder uses only malt and no grain whisky in its blend, resulting in an exceptionally smooth liquid. All three malt whiskies used in Monkey Shoulder been matured exclusively in Bourbon casks. Each batch of Monkey Shoulder is then blended together in a small marrying tun for between three to six months to make it even smoother and mellower. Monkey Shoulder is highly versatile and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed into your favourite whisky-based cocktail. It is beautifully sweet with a rich vanilla flavor. The name ‘Monkey Shoulder’ is inspired by the malt men whose craft and skill back in the day was demonstrated by turning the malting barley with a shiel, which led to a temporary strain called Monkey Shoulder.

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