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Snow Leopard Six Times Distilled Vodka 100cl

Snow Leopard Six Times Distilled Vodka 100cl


  • Category: Vodka
  • Sub Category: Vodka Premium

Unit Price: 4050.00

Product Description

Snow Leopard Vodka is the first luxury Vodka to be prepared from rare Spelt grain. Spelt has a distinct nutty, fresh taste. Its tough husk protects the grain from external pollutants and results any other grain. Spelt is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilisers and is typically five times the price of other grains used in premium Vodka production. Snow Leopard Vodka 1L is distilled six times using natural spring water and filtered twice through charcoal to achieve perfection. Produced in small batches, each bottle is of the very highest quality. Snow Leopard Vodka is produced in Poland at Polmos Lublin, one the world’s finest Vodka distilleries. It has Fresh floral and anise aroma. Rich body of creamy, vanilla, nut and peppery spice flavors and Ultra smooth finish.

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