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Beluga Noble Vodka 100cl

Beluga Noble Vodka 100cl


  • Category: Vodka
  • Sub Category: Vodka Premium
  • Brand: BELUGA

Unit Price: 4200.00

Product Description

Beluga Noble Vodka is a malt spirit, which is fermented using only natural ferments and no synthetic additives as common grain spirit. All the ingredients used in the production of vodka go through a careful selection by our master distiller and a team of technologists. Once the ingredients are added the vodka goes through the resting process which takes from 30 to 90 days during which the flavor becomes more rich, soft and harmonious. The malt spirit is specially prepared at the Itkul distillery (est. 1868) which is situated in an environmentally pure region of the Republic of Altai. It is not made from a mix of grain as a typical spirit, but rather from malted wheat. Malt is wheat germ (i.e. the reproductive part that germinates and forms the wheat grass) which is fermented naturally without any synthetic ferments.

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