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Jagermeister 100cl

Jagermeister 100cl


  • Category: Liqueur
  • Sub Category: Non Milk Based

Unit Price: 2400.00

Product Description

Jägermeister is a dark, complex, and mysterious liquid yielding a truly unique flavor. A botanical sweetness and a light note of citrus are harmonized by spiciness, yet accompanied by bitterness as well. Precise. Deep. Delicious. Although enjoyed in more than 110 countries, there is only one place where the world famous Kräuterlikör is made: Wolfenbüttel, Germany, at the Mast-Jägermeister manufactory est. 1878. The 56 selected botanicals of the highest grade are carefully crafted there according to our traditional, secret recipe. Through gentle maceration process, the herbal loads release their natural aromas. To refine and harmonize the extracted elixir, it is left for 1 year to mature in oak barrels. It is this ritual process that results in the complex and balanced flavor of Jägermeister.

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