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Daim minis bag 280g

Daim minis bag 280g


  • Category: Chocolates
  • Sub Category: Chocolates
  • Brand: DAIM

Unit Price: 800.00Offer Price: 480.00

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Product Description
Daim Bars is a Swedish candy bar made from crunchy almond caramel covered in a premium milk chocolate. Daim bar was created in Sweden in early 1950’s by Marbou. Marbou initially wanted to produce a product similar to American Health Co.’s bar but the company refused the licensing of the exact product but gave the list of ingredients. Marbou with the list of products created his own recipe. The Daim minis 300g bag is easy to carry and contains the miniature versions of original Daim Bars, only the size of the bar changes while the exceptional taste remains unchanged.

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